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About Zoe

Hi, I'm Zoe, I'm a certified parenting coach with a Master's degree in Child Psychology and  a mother of  two children.  When I first became a parent I thought I would breeze it, what with my background in Psychology and knowledge of child anxiety. However, I had no idea how to handle daily life with young children. I was struggling and clueless and I especially didn't know how to navigate life with my strong-willed eldest son. I found myself researching the latest findings in parenting and how to raise emotionally healthy children. It was an epiphany.  It started a passion that I still have nearly a decade on. The difference this knowledge has made to my family is remarkable. I decided I wanted to help other parents who were struggling too. I completed two certificates in counselling before training as a peaceful parenting coach with Dr. Laura Markham.  I am now equipped with the tools, strategies, love and dedication to help you to feel confident and good about how you are bringing up your children. Although we will never be perfect, because we are human, that's OK; it is possible to raise confident, resilient children who want to listen to you. Raising children is probably the hardest thing we will ever do, and being a peaceful parent takes a lot of work and dedication - but it is so worth it! You will gain a beautiful relationship with your children, one that replaces fighting and power power-struggles with cooperation and fun.  I can support you if you are struggling with a particular parenting challenge or want to strengthen your general parenting skills, and whether you are completely new to peaceful parenting or are feeling burnt out and out of ideas. ​​​

About Peaceful Parenting

Peaceful parenting was developed by my mentor Dr Laura Markham. It is a non-punitive, connection-based approach for all ages. Peaceful parenting is NOT permissive parenting, it uses lots of firm limits but they are always set with kindness and empathy. It is based on these three big ideas:​


1. We regulate our own emotions.

This models emotional regulation to our children, so they learn how to do the same. (If we yell when we're frustrated, so will they.)

2. We connect with our child. Our relationship with our child is everything. When our child feels connected to us, they are much more open to our influence. 

3. We Coach our child.

Instead of trying to control our children with threats and fear, we listen to them and set limits with empathy. This develops emotional intelligence and makes our child more willing to cooperate with us.

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