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Mother and Daughter Love

Empowering you in your most important Role

Hi! I’m Zoe

I’m a certified parenting coach with a master’s degree in child psychology and most importantly, I'm a mother.​

 In my opinion parenting is both the hardest and most important thing we will ever do, yet we are expected to know how to do it well without any training! There is no other role with such high stakes where no training is required. 

If you are struggling to get your kids to listen without threats or yelling, or if you are stuck in daily power struggles with your kids, or if you are just baffled by your kid’s behaviour, you are not alone, and I can help. 

Life with kids can be confusing and challenging at times. If you are feeling stuck, I can help you to see things more clearly and equip you with science backed practices and tools so you can feel confident in your parenting and your kids can thrive. 

I love working with parents; watching them create the family life they want and deserve is so rewarding to me.  

Book a free 20-minute consult with me today to see how I can help you.

About Peaceful Parenting

Do you want to raise self-motivated, respectful and resilient kids? Would you like to have a lifelong open, honest and nurturing relationship with your kids? If so Peaceful parenting is for you. Peaceful parenting is a non-punitive, connection-based approach for all ages. Peaceful parenting is NOT permissive parenting, it uses lots of firm limits but they are always set with kindness and empathy. It is based on these three key principles that I can help you master:

Sorting Litter for Recycling


When parents self-regulate, children reap the benefits of a calmer brain for the rest of their lives.

These children will have more self control, be more resilient, more responsible and will be more contented. 



When children feel connected to their caregivers, they are not only more cooperative, but they thrive with unshakable self-esteem. 

Emotion Coaching 


Kids don’t thrive when they feel controlled; in fact controlling parenting is a fast track to defiance. In my coaching sessions, I teach parents how to emotion coach their children instead of trying to control them. This leads to children with greater emotional intelligence and a strong internal compass, so children are more likely to do the right thing even when no-one is looking.

How I Can Support You

In one-to one sessions over Zoom, we will work together on the difficulties you are having with your child/children. I will help you to discover what might be underlying these difficulties and give you specific tools and strategies to help you to resolve them. I will support you through this process with empathy and without judging you and will trouble shoot anything you are struggling with. ​You can begin by booking a FREE 20-minute consult with me to see how I can help you. 

We have had quite a number of people help us over the years, from different places, and we are both in agreement that you have been the most helpful person by far and away!  We really buy into the values of the Peaceful Parenting but we also likes the way you were prepared to offer opinions, be quite proactive in asking us to think differently about some occasions, help us to pick apart something, and you seemed to really take on board our situation.  I also have really appreciated your written responses.

Bryony and Ian

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